Flexibility is one of the most desired traits in any formal employment. As today’s workplace continues to evolve, being flexible at work can help you land that lucrative promotion that you’ve been wishing for day in day out.

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Despite the general desire for employers to attract the most skilled candidate during interviews, flexibility requires more than just managing work routines. It generally includes the use of new opportunities to execute work-related tasks efficiently and consider your colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses before initiating work processes.

That said, here are some of the top fun ways that you can use to boost your flexibility at your workplace.

Ask for feedback

Feedback is considered the most powerful way of evaluating progress but not everyone likes it. Feedback generally refers to what other people think about you and the way you carry yourself.

Back to your workplace, you can start by asking your colleagues what they generally think about your flexibility. To avoid biasness, consider doing so in the most casual manner possible. This way, most of your friend won’t have to feel pressured to exaggerate things in your favor.

Remember that we are after genuine results that we’ll later use to inform our strategy. Once you’ve known what other people think about your flexibility, you can go ahead to make the appropriate advancements where needed.

Throw in a bit of telecommuting

With the pandemic and all that’s happening now, telecommuting is quickly becoming a new normal in different work places. Apart from trying to keep everyone safe during these difficult times, you might want to consider letting more of your employees work from home. 

Despite the numerous challenges associated with this new move, you’ll generally be encouraging your employees to be more flexible. If you think about it, telecommuting can be a fun way to do work tasks from the comfort of your home. 

To help avoid slow progress at the workplace, it’s important that you first set guiding parameters and check-in points for working remotely.

Offer career-changing trainings

It usually is the hope of all employees that one day they would grow and serve in the top managerial position at their work place. Different studies agree with the fact that promotions in any work place keep employees intrigued and motivated.

In your own work place, there must be someone working in a junior level but are looking to make career changes in future. To allow for this kind of flexibility, you must introduce and encourage all employees to take part in different career-changing programs back at work. 

Who knows, your current secretary might just become the best accountant you’ve ever had in the next few years.

In conclusion, flexibility evidently boosts productivity at work and generally keeps employees happier. With all its benefits in mind, it’s important that you continue trying out various methods to offer more flexibility at the work place. Remember to explain to your employees in advance as to why you’re interested in boosting flexibility so that you may all be reading from the same page.


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