As many as 72 million Americans have medical bills that cause them to struggle financially. No one plans to have a medical emergency, but it can upend your financial stability when it happens.

If you’re currently facing financial troubles, securing emergency cash can help ease your financial strain and reduce your stress levels. The solution you choose will depend on the amount of money you need, how fast you need the money, and your ability to repay it.

Consider these options for securing emergency cash.

Side Hustle

If you have a hobby or skill that’s marketable, then you can generate extra income. The advantage of this solution is that your earning potential is unlimited. You also don’t have to pay it back because this emergency money is income and not a loan.

The downside of this solution is that it requires a lot of time and effort. Your income flow can also take time to build, which may not be fast enough for your emergency.

An alternative is to sell items in your home that you no longer use. This can generate an immediate cash flow while you wait for your side hustle to build.

Credit Cards

Using credit cards can give you a quick solution to paying bills. It’s as easy as swiping the card. If you have decent credit, you could also apply for more credit cards for more spending ability.

This approach is not advisable by the majority of financial experts. Credit cards have high-interest rates, and you’re trading one debt for another. Then once they’re maxed out, you’re still responsible for paying the bill, and you have no more spending ability.

Emergency Loans

If you need money immediately, then consider applying for personal loans. There are a wide variety of lending solutions, so you’re sure to find a lender with a loan product that works for your situation.

The downside is that you’ll have to run a credit check, which can negatively affect the loan terms. If there’s no credit check required, the lender will want collateral to secure the loan. Now your vehicle, home, or another valuable asset is at risk.

Seek Out Government or Non-Profit Assistance

There are several government and nonprofit programs that assist those who are experiencing financial hardship. The advantage of this type of funding is that they have more favorable terms, and some don’t require you to repay it.

The drawback of these emergency funds is that they can have strict requirements for qualification. It can help to get answers from experts to help guide you through the application process. This will reduce the risk of you getting denied despite qualifying.

Secure Emergency Cash Today

If you’re facing sudden and unexpected bills, you’re probably searching for ways to procure emergency cash. Having an emergency fund is the best option, but if you don’t have one, then consider starting a side hustle, an emergency loan, or government assistance.

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