What are the Signs Your Twin Flame is thinking of you?

‘Twin flame’ you might have heard this word many times, but what exactly does it mean? A twin flame refers to a ‘replica of you.’ This is a gut-wrenching and breathtaking type of love. Your …

‘Twin flame’ you might have heard this word many times, but what exactly does it mean? A twin flame refers to a ‘replica of you.’ This is a gut-wrenching and breathtaking type of love. Your twin flame discovers a new you, and it’s almost they know you much better than you do.

This relationship makes you aware of life in a new way. You see things from a different perspective and begin to participate in the activities that you normally fear actively. Your twin lover can be your best friend or greatest enemy.

Many times your emotions get outburst when they are around, and their love, presence works as the best healing medicine.

What are the signs of a twin flame relationship?

Two persons can know that they share a twin flame relationship when they feel special bonding between them. Some of the other signs of a twin flame relationship are:


The mysterious, powerful energy of that person draws you towards them, but it cannot be described. You may feel that there is some relationship with a person from a past life. But it is sure that your energies are very well mixing and you both have the same frequency. All these make you feel complete when together.


The presence of this person gives you a sense of calmness and peace. This does not relate to any activity he does, but you feel protected when you are with him.

Changed Perspective

Initially, you may not feel the connection with your twin flame, but over time, it happens. The connection becomes strong when any challenging event happens. At first, you are confident in your viewpoint, but the situation is alarming when you have to change your perspective because a feeling of doubt arises. There is no look back in this stage, and you feel attracted to your twin flame.

Free but connected Spirits

When you are together, you feel free to communicate anything. Even though you have just met, you may feel a free spirit. You can honestly communicate with him/her without restraint or fear because you feel that a person will understand your feelings and thoughts before saying them aloud. This is because of the connection of one being.

 ‘Signs’ indicating that Twin Flame is thinking of you

There are certain indications that may be helpful to find out that your twin flame is thinking of you and cares about you. These signs are applicable during the period of divorce or even when you are in contact with each other.


After meeting your twin soul in person, seeing them in dreams is often a rare phenomenon, and this happening means that your twin soul is thinking of you and tries to establish a communication with you.


The Universe always sends symbols and signs full of coincidences that are connected with your twin soul, and these symbols remind you of that person. These symbols can be in the form of a song that both of you have heard together. You will think about the person once you hear that song, and this is a sign that your twin flame is thinking about you. These signs should be seriously taken as they can indicate to you where to stand in a relationship.

The Energy

You will always feel the energy of your twin flame even they are not present as their power is different for you than someone else. Most of the time, people get confused about the energies present around them, but the energy of their twin flame is so vibrant and strong that there is no problem in distinguishing it from the other people’s energies. Sometimes you may have visions of them. For instance, standing in front of you, talking to you about something, or guiding you. These feelings are more susceptible before you go to sleep or when the consciousness is slowly silenced. Some may feel joyful in the presence of the energy of their twin flame.

Other signs include a warm feel in the region around heart, belly as if someone is holding or touching you or kiss on your lips or cheek. In sorrow, the twin flame energy tries to comfort the soul causing the person to sleep as this energizes the soul.


Due to the shared chakra system, twin flames remain in contact with each other, and these persons have telepathic abilities. To check this, you can ask your twin soul if they were also thinking of you at some point. Their answer will be yes in case the person is your twin flame.

Signs that you have found a person of your dreams

Certain signs are giving you clues that you have found a person of your dreams.


When you are with the person of your dreams, then no question arises for future security as your relationship is self-explanatory.


Even without uttering a word, you both understand each other. However, your friends won’t understand this. You can have deep conversations, and just being together is enough.

Long time relation

This is unexplained, but it feels like you know each other for a long time, and this person is everything to you.


The communication is entirely natural in between soul mates as no one judge each other, and everything is self-evident.

Indescribable attraction

Soul mates are like two magnets, and the feeling is incredible. Just holding each other hands get you goosebumps.

 Same viewpoint

Soul mates have the same plans for the future, and they have the same point of view on many things. You complement and feel each other perfectly. It might be possible that they don’t agree, but it’s all about the details.


Soul mates challenge each other and have a deep connection. They test each other frequently, and this can be annoying in most cases.

 Love beyond age

Love is blind, and there is always a possibility that you can meet your soul mate at any point in your life. There is no age for this.

 Enjoy time

The humor of both the people fit together, and it is the enormous fun being together.

Complement each other

It is like two persons are one, and you need the company of each other to feel good. Without that person, you are incomplete.

What does the conflict between Twin Flames mean?

Some points are true in this material world, whether you believe in the astral world or not. For example: when we are connected with someone intensely, then we are magnetically drawn to the person, and that person makes it place in our mind. We may even notice people talking about that person and relationship together.

Conflicts are the parts of the true twin flame relationship, and understanding about the breakup, fight and reconcile reveals the purpose.

Initially, you separate or break up because you don’t want to handle the forthcoming challenges. When you are bad for each other, you reflect negative qualities. In this case it is better to separate for individual growth that leads to self-improvement. This stage can acts as purifying time and this gives you opportunity to refine yourself and being a harmonious human being. Both of you will definitely meet as you are one soul, and it’s all about destiny.

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