Lotus Flower Meaning in Christianity

Lotus flower, we can call it the flower with many names and meanings. Also known as the water or white lily in Christianity, Lotus flower is blessed with the ability to open in the morning, …

Lotus flower, we can call it the flower with many names and meanings. Also known as the water or white lily in Christianity, Lotus flower is blessed with the ability to open in the morning, and closes during the night. This says a lot about regeneration and rebirth. Looking at it from another angle, the closed or budded lotus flower could mean man’s infinite possibilities, while the opening could mean the creation of the universe.  

White lily can also be associated with purity and virginity. The strength to move from the dark into the light, which can be seen from its characteristic of being able to grow in muddy waters and rise through the murky waters into a beautiful pink and white flower. In Christianity, this can also be seen as the inner strength and the determination to come out of any difficulties. Lotus flower preaches positivity and not negativity. 

Lotus Flower Symbols

As mentioned earlier, it has a lot of unique characteristics and meanings. The lotus can be said to symbolize growth and purity, with the way it comes out clean and beautiful from the murky ponds. It’s known across diverse cultures; hence, its different meanings in many countries. The flower symbolizes beauty, determination, courage.  

Meaning According to Their Color

The lotus flower has numerous meanings. Thanks to its diversity in cultures. By now, we all know this flower is a beauty, with different colors. The colors of this flower are, however, subject to interpretation. 

Blue Lotus: The blue lotus, which is usually kept closed, can be interpreted as the evidence of the triumph of the spirit over the senses and knowledge. 

White Lotus: White lotus can be interpreted as a state of purity—the perfection of spirit and mind. 

Pink Lotus: The pink lotus is related to divine characters, like the Great Buddha of India. 

Red Lotus: The red lotus, also known as Buddha flower of compassion in India, can be interpreted as the innocence and true nature of the heart. It means compassion, passion, and love.  Let’s find out more about the lotus flower meaning in Christianity next.

Lotus Flower and Christianity 

As we’ve seen, the lotus flower can be said to have more than meaning. It has different interpretations and explanations. One of them is fertility, and another is piousness. You can also say spiritual purity, purification of the body, speech, and mind, you’re not far from the truth. It is pure as they come! 

Christianity-wise, the lily flower replaces the lotus, in name. It can be related to Mary in the Bible, who is regarded as the queen of paradise. The lily can be associated with purity, and virginity, just like Mary. The flower can be said to mean growth, the ideas of creation, spiritual cleansing, and the resurrection of life. 

Uses of Lotus Flower 

Apart from its significant meanings and interpretations, lotus flower is used for a lot of things.

It is used in the art world for tattoos (usually associated together with tattoos of koi fish), and also with jewelry. The symbol is everywhere, and one can wear it as a tattoo on their body, or as a piece of jewellery. When you wear this symbol on the body, it simply signifies your calmness or coolness. 

Lotus flower bracelet and lotus flower necklace are few of the jewelry that comes with the lotus symbol. Wearing them is believed to make one stay calm, so to speak. It brings in a sense of being pure, devoted, and committed to reaching your set goals for the day. 

Lotus flower is known for positivity, so having this symbol on your body means that you detest negativity, and you don’t want them close to you. Wearing the symbol is also believed to invoke good, and God’s luck hence rest assured of prosperity and long life.

Having the lotus flower or jewelry on you can also strengthen the inner you and invokes spiritual feelings, making you feel complete with positivity.

Lotus Flower Effects 

In our daily life as Christians, in our environment, we often meet stumbling blocks, temptations, and struggles. Knowingly or unknowingly, we let these things come into our lives, causing problems and damage. 

The lotus flower, however, is a perfect example of this same scenario, a beautiful and wonderful creature of God, with several examples for us Christians to follow and imitate. The flower is more on the Asian continent, mostly in the swampy areas. It has a unique characteristic of not being able to be broken through. A characteristic very useful in Christianity. It doesn’t allow dust or dirt to adhere to it. 

Thanks to its structure, in which it is made up of very tiny cells, accompanied by small wax particles, achieve this effect. 

Furthermore, the lotus flower is known to sprouts in a swamp, full of stagnant waters. Imagine that! This kind of place seems like an impossible place for a beautiful flower like that of the white lily to grow. However, it did grow. Beautifully! This is one great lesson in Christianity. 

Many times, we’d find ourselves in a stagnant place, precarious and difficult situations. It may seem impossible to come out given the circumstances that surround, however, just like the lotus flower we can sprout, we can rise above dirty waters which have wanted to sink us for a long time. We can grow, overcome, and sprout like a lotus flower, beautifully.

Lotus flower’s meaning and effect in Christianity and a Christian’s life cannot be overemphasized. When you imitate and work in the way of this flower, you become impermeable; you become cleansed, liberated, and purified. Positivity will be your watchword. 

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