9 Signs He Is Pretending Not To Like You

Feelings are hard to hide. As a woman, you might be feeling some kind of attraction between you and this guy. You probably have been hanging out with him, and you really like him. But …

Feelings are hard to hide. As a woman, you might be feeling some kind of attraction between you and this guy. You probably have been hanging out with him, and you really like him. But then, his actions are inconsistent, and you’re getting confused or not too sure about what’s on his mind.

Now, to make things clearer so you won’t get the wrong impression, let’s take a look at some signs to look out for that shows he’s just pretending not to like you.

He Acts Differently Around You.

It’s just natural for us to act differently around the people we like. If he likes you, surely you’ll notice the way he acts whenever he’s with you will be different from how he does when he’s around other people like female friends or colleagues.

For instance, when you guys bump into each other, he may take his eyes off you almost immediately, or try to walk in the opposite direction. He may even struggle to get his words out or go quiet, pretending he’s busy with something when you must have seen him talking earlier with other people.

He Gets Jealous

No doubt, everyone gets jealous. Even you. If the reverse were to be the case. You’d get jealous of seeing him around other ladies too. So, if he sees a guy playfully talking to you or flirting with you. He’s likely going to get jealous.

Now, the secret is – at this moment, take a look at him and see his body language and attitude. They’ll change as he’s staring at you and the new guy. From his look, he may become a little cold even.

He’s Always Nearby

Be it school, work, church, or any place. A guy who likes you will always find his way to be nearby. You may walk out of your house, and see him sitting on the porch at the opposite building. You might not know, but he’s been sitting there for the past thirty minutes, waiting for you to come out. If he lurks around, finding ways to glance at you, chances are he really likes you. It can be creepy at times, but he’s just pretending not to be into you.

He Tries to Stand Out More in a Group

This is another good sign you need to look out for in that guy that you’re not sure of. His mission here is to play the “notice me” game. He doesn’t walk up to you or talk to you, but he makes sure he’s in any group around you.

Now, he isn’t just going to be in the group only; he’ll make sure he does things that make him stand out in the group. Noticeable things like raising his voice or showing off how good he is in a certain subject or the group discussion.

He Teases You a Lot

Almost everyone does teasing, especially when they have a crush on the other party. If a guy likes you and pretending not to, he’s likely to come at you teasing. For instance, during a joke or playing session, you ask him questions like “So, what did you think about my dress yesterday?”, -wait for his answer-  It’s likely going to come like “Ewww, noo, I don’t even like it at all” in a very playful or eyes rolling way. If he says things like that, he’s pretending. His heart wants the opposite.

He’s Trying to Make You Jealous

Just as he gets jealous of seeing you (his crush) with some other guys, he could try to make you jealous too.  You guys are already talking offline in person and been having a nice time online. But he hasn’t popped the question or say it out loud. So he went about talking to other people instead, he posts other girls’ pictures and not you. It could be weird some times, but the truth is guys still do this to get your attention. He likes you, and he’s just pretending.

He Pretends He Doesn’t Care

This is kind of similar to making you jealous.  It falls back to not wanting to show his feelings towards you. Maybe due to shyness, or fear of being rejected, or some other reasons. But the truth is if he behaves in some ways like he doesn’t care, the reverse is actually the case. He pretends like he doesn’t care, but when you approach him for help, you’ll see how he runs to get through for you.

You Guys Talk Online Easily, But Not in Person

Most times, this happens when the guy in question is the shy type. When you guys talk a lot online, but he gets super reserved when it comes to offline talk, and everything seems strange, then he likes you and just pretending not to.  Although he may not be pretending intentionally, it’s just the shyness, or he’s probably scared. You can help in this situation by initiating a conversation, though.

He Says No, But Still Comes Through

If you ask him for something and he says “No,” but still comes through for you, he was only pretending at first. There’s nothing that’ll give him more joy at that point than to help his crush, You! Notice his looks when he says, “Sure I’ll do it” There’s that warm and winking smile. Deep down, he likes you and wants to help.

As mentioned earlier, it’s hard to hide our feelings. It may be shyness, fear of rejection, or some other reasons that are making him pretend like he doesn’t like you when deep down he does. But, we are sure these signs above will make things more transparent.

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