The Best Profitable Side Hustle Ideas For 2022

Side hustles are any extra activities not related to your main job that you indulge in to make more money. Our lives are getting harder each day, the poor state of the economy and the …

Side hustles are any extra activities not related to your main job that you indulge in to make more money. Our lives are getting harder each day, the poor state of the economy and the rising cost of living have made it impossible to survive on one job. Of course this does not apply to the wall street fellows but the average Joes who are the majority.

The concept of side hustles was created to help these average Joes actually live a little as they were merely surviving previously. Living a little entails going for vacations, dinner dates and the periodic shopping spree. This article is a guide on the most profitable side hustles that can help you and your dependents live comfortably this year.

Set Up An Online Store

Online business really boomed during the pandemic and continues to maintain that success during this post-vaccine period. The online business was mainly facilitated by the non-contact restrictions that had been imposed to curb the spread of the virus. People had to stop shopping physically and were forced instead to order the goods online and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

This shopping habit became ingrained in most people and they stuck with it even after the lifting of the restrictions. This makes it the perfect side hustle for anyone looking to make a lot of money. Basically, you will be a “middleman” sourcing goods from the manufacturers/suppliers and selling them at a profit from your online store. You will require the services of a competent web designer in setting up the store.

Baby Sitting

Baby sitting is usually associated with teens and young people in general. It is a good side hustle but you should keep in mind that it is as demanding as any other regular job. Parents are usually very careful on matters concerning their children’s welfare. Thus you need to be of upstanding character to win their trust and have them leave their kids under your care.

Children from the age of 6 months to 10 years need constant supervision and are usually left under the care of babysitters. The younger the child the greater the responsibility and duty of care. Therefore, babysitting for the younger ages is more profitable than for the older ones. This side hustle requires infinite patience as you will be dealing with kids and nurturing some of the habits that they will grow up with.

Start A Wholesale Business

Setting up a wholesale business for example, starting a franchise project with OPPOLIA – the leading cabinet maker can also assist you in complementing your main source of income. Set up the business’ operating hours to coincide with the end of your shifts at your main job. You can also take advantage of the weekends as well when the other businesses are closed.

Have a diverse range of products, from snacks to kitchen cabinets from the best wardrobe brands and even hunting knives. This will make your shop a one stop place, the first place your customers think of whenever they need to buy something. The business will be a little slow but will still contribute to your overall income.

Online Marketing

This is the best form of marketing currently. It is also the best side hustle idea as it can be done anywhere. You do not have to wait for your shift to end, armed with a laptop and an internet connection and you can earn during your breaks.

The best way of making money through this side hustle is affiliate marketing. This is where you earn money by marketing people’s goods and services on your platform. Blogging and showcasing the goods on your social media is also a form of online marketing.

Delivery Business

This is another business that really spread its roots because of the pandemic. You require a product or service and have already ordered it online, the outstanding issue then is how to deliver the goods in pristine condition to the shopper’s doorstep.

This is where the delivery business comes in, you can carry out this side hustle perfectly if you own a bicycle, car or bike. Liaise with a business that requires delivery services and emblazon a delivery logo on your vehicle. You can carry out the deliveries in your designated area and earn as per the terms dictated in your contract for service.


We are presently facing tough financial situations due to the Russia-Ukraine war, inflation has hit an all time record high. As a result a lot of people are hard-pressed for cash, in order to fend for our families we are forced to find extra sources of income. This article guides you to pick the best side hustles that will help you make more money.

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