Seven Ways to Direct Human Brain towards Positivity

Is it possible to train the human mind to seek positivity, connect with affirmative thoughts and develop an optimistic outlook? Positivity is a choice, they say, and one can cultivate a cheerful disposition by simply …

Is it possible to train the human mind to seek positivity, connect with affirmative thoughts and develop an optimistic outlook? Positivity is a choice, they say, and one can cultivate a cheerful disposition by simply redirecting and discarding negative thoughts. 

Do you know how many thoughts cross an average human brain in a day? Experts reveal that humans grapple with around 12,000 to 60,000 views on a regular day. Imagine how many of it a person with anxiety or stress has to process. An abundance! 

That explains why counselors and psychologists treat anxiety disorders and stress with cognitive therapy and reasoning. You see, the quality and direction of our thoughts often encourage fear, stress, and anxiety by bottling up our apprehensions. And refreshing the contents of our thoughts can bring about a magical transformation in our life quality. 

If you’re ready to embrace positivity, allow us to walk you through seven powerful ways to adopt a constructive attitude. 


We delegate the responsibility of garnering happiness and contentment to either fate or our brain. Biologically, the brain cannot generate happiness, despite how much we want it to perform this function. The human brain evolved to ensure an efficient survival response to trauma and distress. 

The brain performs this function by storing the happiness-inducing chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin, for crisis and survival needs. The brain only releases these neurotransmitters in short quantities on survival mode, leaving us feeling empty and anxious. Modern-day life is exhausting and demanding, and before long, our happy hormones get overshadowed by gloom-inducing chemicals. 

Isn’t it fascinating to explore how the brain works to regulate our mood and happiness? If the human brain and cognitive research fascinate you, pursuing a bachelors in psychology can open up lucrative learning opportunities. Psychological research reveals that we can tune out negative thoughts and cleanse our minds free of toxic energies. 


Negative thoughts, unhealthy emotions, and toxic patterns disrupt creativity, analysis, productivity, and overall cognitive efficiency. Negative thinking is far more potent than positive one. They stimulate an increase in cortisol levels – the stress hormone.  

High levels of cortisol induce stress, anxiety, frustration, irritability, and fear by always alerting your mind about potential threats. Luckily, you can eliminate these effects by inducing happy hormones by pumping up your heart-rate with regular exercise and yoga. That’s all it takes to clear out the negativity and renew your motivation and mental energies. 


The quality of our thoughts defines our happiness. It helps to observe your thoughts for 10-15 minutes and identify negativity and positivity patterns. Do you look towards plans and engagement with a positive outlook? Or are you anxious about an upcoming meeting, project, or financial obligation? 

Observing your thoughts will help you resolve conflicts and issues that are triggering negative thoughts in your mind. For instance, if you’re worried about a presentation, you can work harder on the draft and seek help from a colleague. 


Mantras are powerful and life-altering as they radiate positive and empowering energy. By repeating a mantra, you can shift your outlook and train your brain to focus on the good and find contentment. If your fear stems from social anxiety or fear of incompetence, your mantra should remind you of your fierceness. 

People who struggle with weight gain and stigmas can channel body positivity by reaffirming their confidence with beauty mantras. Your words and thoughts can make you feel beautiful, confident, and loved! 


Before you doze off to sleep in your silk satin sheets, make a habit of recounting at least three positive experiences. Take out 5-10 minutes to reflect on the happenings of your day, and think up three reasons to feel positive. Did the grumpy server at the local coffee joint offer you a free danish with your coffee? 

Did you help a co-worker through a difficult situation? Did you score a new project or explore a new destination? Recounting your blessings and wins is a powerful strategy to think positively. 


Creativity is another endeavor that stimulates the release of happiness-inducing hormones. The brain requires stimulation to enhance its cognitive functioning and release an overpowering surge of positivity. Finding constructive activities that allow you to get creative is a powerful outlet to generate positivity. 

You can explore gardening, knitting, journaling, scrapbooking, photography, painting, and much more. Just pick up any habit that makes you feel creative and artistically proud. 


Gratitude is a dynamic and powerful emotion that induces a series of transformative responses. Surprisingly, research reveals that expressing gratitude makes us more optimistic and reduces coronary artery disease risks. Isn’t that incredible? 

Well, how can you get started? You can make a mental note of recounting your blessings each day. Or keep an elaborate gratitude journal to celebrate your bounties with creativity! 


Directing the human brain towards positivity and contentment isn’t all that difficult, now is it? It’s all about conviction and unhindered connecting with your thoughts. Monitoring your thoughts will help you cultivate positivity by reasoning with negative emotions and silencing your fears logically. You can steer your mind towards positive energy by counting your blessings and actively choosing positive experiences. 

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