Percolator Bongs – Get the Most Out of Your 420 Sessions

There are various varieties of bongs. From different shapes and sizes to prices, there is sure to be one that provides you with a pleasurable smoking experience. Beakers, for instance, feature a round base, while …

There are various varieties of bongs. From different shapes and sizes to prices, there is sure to be one that provides you with a pleasurable smoking experience.

Beakers, for instance, feature a round base, while recycler bongs contain multiple chambers to filter smoke multiple times. Tree percolators resemble branches with holes cut into them for optimal diffusion, and Faberge egg percs may also fall into this category – but read on to learn about some common smoking pieces.

Beaker Bong

Beaker bongs are one of the most widely used types of bongs, due to their excellent stability, filtration, and clear view of both water level and smoke output. Beaker bongs often feature large bases made out of glass, acrylic, or silicone to further secure them during use; additional percolators or an ice catcher may even be installed for greater filtration and cooling during use.

Beaker bongs offer several distinct advantages over other styles, with their larger bases keeping water at an optimal temperature longer and providing for a smoother and more flavorful hit. They also feature an easy-to-hold wide mouthpiece that makes for quick vaping or inhalation sessions and comes in various sizes and styles such as tall beaker bongs with bases wider than their necks.

Straight Tube Bong

When selecting a bong, there is an array of styles available. Certain models are better suited to specific smoking methods while others simply look better. Beaker bongs and straight tube bongs are two popular varieties; each provides its own advantages.

Both beaker and straight tube bongs can use percolators – small additions that sit inside the chamber or neck of a bong to filter smoke more thoroughly. You can shop for percolator bongs online or in most head shops. When adding one of these with a straight tube bong is sure to add lots of ice as it will help cool down smoke, so it is easier for inhalation.

Some smokers cannot agree on which bong is superior; ultimately it depends on individual preferences and needs. Beakers often boast more scientific designs that fit nicely into traditional or rustic decor while straight tubes feature sleeker styles more suited to contemporary art or minimalist environments. Both are great choices for experienced smokers alike – you might even find hybrid bodies which combine the benefits of both!

Carburettor Bong

A carb hole is a small opening in a bong that allows users to control airflow when smoking, using Bernoulli’s principle to create a vacuum effect that pulls smoke into their lungs. You can cover or uncover it using just your thumb, making smoking much simpler than using slides to take hits.

Bongs come in all forms from glass to plastic to metal and more, but glass pieces remain popular due to their pure taste, easy maintenance, and more affordable costs compared to bamboo or metal models.

Ceramic water pipes are an attractive alternative for those who appreciate classic design in their smoking accessories, though their price may be more due to the amount of work involved. It is also best to make sure the ceramic is smoke-quality and not air-dry, as this could be toxic.

The cylinder-shaped bong, also known as the carb bong, is another variation of this classic design. While more difficult than other pipes on this list, its use allows for smooth inhalations and plenty of smoke production – ideal for new smokers as it does not require as much lung capacity as some of its counterparts.

Swiss Percs

Nate Dizzle (who you can see here) is one of the industry’s premier glassblowers, created one of the industry’s most recognizable perc designs – known as Swiss perc – which features punctuated holes within a water pipe body with punctuated holes that force smoke and water through indentations into it for cooling hits. A Swiss perc can add extra cooling or diffusion and is commonly found on popular rigs like the Fab Egg or Trifecta as well as numerous styles of bong.

Although most types of percs offer some degree of filtration and diffusion, not all are created equally. The size and number of percs can have an enormous effect on the quality of your hits – larger ones will need more water, leading to watery hits; smaller percs create a larger surface area for smoke to travel through and larger bubbles for smoother hits.

Percolators come in various forms and designs, each offering its own distinct function and aesthetic. Some of the more popular types include showerheads, turbines, honeycombs, and slitter percs; they are commonly found at the base of bongs to provide additional filtration and cooling solutions.

Cross and sprinkler percs are more complex, taking the standard downstem filtration system and adding an additional chamber that works as another diffuser to increase airflow by redirecting smoke and water sideways. They typically resemble cross or sprinkler pipes to facilitate this goal.

Zong Bong

Zong bongs are popular with smokers due to their unique shape and filtration features, especially their eye-catching zigzag design that provides additional space for cooling down smoke for an easier and cooler hit.

Zong bongs ( offer another outstanding feature – their neck can serve as an ice catcher, making it easy to add cool cubes for an even smoother hit.

The durable design of a zig-zag neck ensures long-term use for this bong. Unlike other bongs with percolators or splash guards, zongs do not contain any; their unique zig-zag pattern acts as a natural splash guard to keep water from spilling over. As a result, cleaning these bongs is much simpler.

A zong bong is ideal for both communal sessions and intense solo sessions due to its longer neck that allows users to take larger hits. Its simplicity makes it less intimidating than more complicated beakers or straight tube bongs for beginners.

These beautiful glass pieces boast a round bottom and zig-zag neck that are both stylish and durable. The large mouthpiece provides comfort during use while its sturdy base ensures a steady and enjoyable experience. Featuring a standard 14.5mm male bowl perfect for dry herb and concentrate use and made from long-term scientific grade glass, most head shops sell this trendy piece at an affordable price.

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