Patience And Perseverance – Why They’re Important For Drug Addiction Recovery

Getting help for addiction can be a difficult task. Not only does it require a high level of commitment and strong willpower, but it also requires addicts to have an astounding level of motivation and …

Getting help for addiction can be a difficult task. Not only does it require a high level of commitment and strong willpower, but it also requires addicts to have an astounding level of motivation and self-control. During rehab, an addict may have to face numerous challenges like accepting their setbacks or dealing with withdrawal symptoms. While these processes can be excruciating and challenging, they are necessary for recovery. Therefore addicts must be encouraged to have patience as they go on about the journey. 

Patience and perseverance are crucial attributes patients with substance abuse disorder must adopt in order to achieve success in their road to recovery. An addict must be compliant and accept that their addiction will take time to resolve. They must also learn not to give into anger (in case things get complicated), and they must patiently wait for positive results to show. Furthermore, victims must also strive to persevere and master the art of avoiding urges to maintain discipline and sobriety. That said, this article seeks to elaborate on these traits and highlight their significance in attaining successful recovery from SAD. 

Learning about treating addiction

According to experts, a habit can take between 28 to 254 days to become permanent. But when it comes to quitting an addiction, the duration can be longer. This delay is because addiction stems from the brain’s hyper-dependency on drugs, which can be very difficult to overcome. In order to be more accepting of the time delay, individuals must educate themselves about the duration of rehab. This information can come from books, reading articles online, or by trying to find help near you by contacting medical professionals or a rehab center. Ledgehill Treatment Center can help you choose the programs and services suited for you. If you want an all-women facility, they also offer it at Ledgehill Center for Women. By educating yourself about rehab, you will realize that a time delay is quite average in the process of recovery.

Reading cases of similar people can also help with building patience too. It will help you realize that the time duration is different for each patient, depending on the severity of the addiction. Furthermore, once you look up some treatment plans, you will also notice how each route requires significant amounts of time and energy input to work. Eventually, this knowledge will make you more accepting of the time delay, which will help instill patience and motivation in you.

Controlling urges 

Over time, you are likely to suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include anything from severe muscle pain or mood swings that can be highly irritable. It can be very easy to want to pop a pill or take a shot to alleviate the symptoms in such instances. A drug-deprived mind will, in fact, strongly persuade you to take a small dose of your substance of choice, and these feelings can be impossible to dismiss.

In order to fight this, you must practice perseverance. One way to do this is to note down your goals and constantly remind yourself of them. You can also keep a goal chart or a diary and review it every day. This activity can help remind you of why you started in the first place, and it can also remind you of the people your actions have an impact on. If you feel like you’ll give in to your cravings, having a conscious fear of disappointing your loved ones can be of great help. Also, keep reminding yourself that it is okay to experience cravings sometimes, but acting on them isn’t okay. Embrace your humanness and understand that progress takes time. Learn to forgive yourself for your setbacks and promise to be steadfast henceforth. Repeated reviewing can inculcate motivation and help you sustain perseverance in the long run. 

Consider healthier alternatives

Incorporating hobbies like yoga and exercise into your routine can help you become more patient over time. Regular meditation can help you achieve a sense of peace that’ll make you less likely to throw tantrums and exhibit negative feelings. Exercise too can help release endorphins, which can make addiction withdrawal much more manageable. Once you reduce the pain factor associated with withdrawal, it is easier to stay drug-free and increase the likelihood of successfully recovering. 

You can also pursue a new hobby like playing board games or painting as well. These practices, although subtle, will help you express your feelings more rationally. It will make you less irritable and improve overall mood and productivity as well. Another helpful tip is watching motivational videos. Motivational videos are scientifically proven to enhance cognitive thinking, which can lead to better performance. This can be immensely helpful in feeling “less alone” on the road to sobriety. 


To conclude, the journey to stability is indeed difficult but not impossible to pursue. With firm patience and the will to persevere, one can stay consistently motivated to the process of becoming drug-free. Make it a habit to read about the struggles of overcoming addiction and indulge in healthy practices like exercise and yoga. Talk to your rehab specialists in case something is particularly bothersome. By following the advice mentioned above and staying steadfast, you too can enjoy the benefits that come with a drug-free profile.

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