How Rich Is Robie Uniacke

Robie Uniacke is a famous, popular British businessman, mathematical researcher, and a now recovered ex part-time drug addict. He is well known as the best time partner or as the accomplice of the renowned and …

Robie Uniacke is a famous, popular British businessman, mathematical researcher, and a now recovered ex part-time drug addict. He is well known as the best time partner or as the accomplice of the renowned and the famous gorgeous English actress named Rosemound Pike.  

He has an estimated net worth of $1 million and his super famous actress Pike is worth $9 million due to her rich acting career, but not everything is a rose in their life.  

Robie’s Youth And His Career Path 

Robie Uniacke was born in 1961 in England. He was raised in a middle-class family, by his mother Jennifer Sally Cunningham, and his father Robie David Corbett Uniacke, alongside his siblings Kate, Casper, and Camilla. He started his education by attending Eton College in Windsor, UK. Young Robie was mostly interested in mathematics which later helped him choose his career path as a mathematical researcher. Due to his sharp and brilliant mind, he has uplifted his career, gained a lot of success, and has earned well as a consequence. This speaks the fact that to date, he is one of the most famous and popular math researchers in the UK. But as they say, “some people do not know how to have money”, so yes, all the fame led him to face difficulties with drug addiction but hey, perhaps that was the reason behind being able to speak fluent Mandarin after all. I do not believe to be needing yet another Amy Winehouse and don’t seem to understand the attraction of money versus drugs. Mind you, perhaps a smart mathematical mind does have its moments of craziness according to some. This did not only put his focus away from his career but took away his role as husband and as a father, where he instead had to spend time to recover. Finally, he won and pulled himself out of the situation; something he did not do too often having 6 children from 3 different women. Now stronger, he continued believing his capabilities towards his career path he had aimed to fulfill.   

Robie Uniacke Accused Of Tax Froud Of His Own Company “Pale Fire Ltd.”

As a math guru, he has used his intellect in a few business dealings where he was assigned as a managing director in three different companies back in 2008. Two years later in 2010, his career experience assisted Robie in establishing his own IT company called “Pale Fire Ltd.” where he was able to raise the company and put Pale Fire in the top IT companies. From what we can gather, nothing he partook upon lasted long in his life. This was proved by facts that years later in 2016, Pale Fire was declared insolvent and subsequently was dissolved due to the inability to clear debts, failure to pay the company’s VAT and Corporation Tax. In May 2018 he was disqualified as director from his own company having to pay tax money worth £200,000 to HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). Furthermore, he admitted he did not make any payment after July 2012. 

Personal Life And Not So Glamorous Love Endings – Marriages 

Talking about his personal life the famous equation solver had faced ups and downs in his love life as well. The 22-year-old at that time first married Emma Howard, the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle, back in 1983. He was eight years younger than her, while she was 30. The famous Emma and Robie together welcomed into life their first child named Robie Jonjo Uniacke born in 1988. Robie and his first wife Emma decided to divorce after being together for five years. The heroin addiction was a strong reason which contributed to the failure and unshockingly ended up in both parting ways. The now broken up couple ended somewhat together again but this time, in a sad way, as both took rehab sessions for their addiction. Black humor doing its thing.   

Like in his first marriage, this time to the famous interior designer Rose Batstone, Uniacke’s second marriage also did not last forever. He and his second wife Rose have three children together, called Hector, Olive, and Florance Uniacke. The reason for this split is not so known. Olive, his only daughter, is a close friend of the British movie star Daniel Radcliffe “Harry Potter” and she even worked as a production assistant of Warner Bros. Studios and has more than 15 production credits to her name. 

After two unsuccessful marriages, Robie Uniacke finally met his third-time lucky partner Rosamund Pike. She rose to fame after playing a role in the movie “Gone Girl” in 2014. Robie Uniacke is mostly admired by the famous actress Pike for her wit, intelligence, and irreverence. 

They started dating in 2009 and together they have two children. Their first is called Solo Uniacke who was born on 6th May, and their second child is called Atom Uniacke who was born on 2nd December 2014. Despite having an age difference for almost 18 years, Robie and Rosamund’s love for each other never went down for almost a decade. They say we mature with age and that might be the explanation for Robie. I say she needed and saw a dad in him. 

Pike was previously engaged to an indecisive, never to become husband, fiance Joseph Wright and canceled the wedding ceremony which, as no surprise, was tough for her. But with Robie, it took a turn for the better and seems like she found someone with whom she can settle in. Both had certainly left their past scars behind. Raising their two kids together in London, the couple looks happier without the necessity to tie in a marriage. Because, after 11 years of relationship, marriage to many of us should have been just around the corner however not for (and I quote from the infamous t-shirt scene) Mr. and Mrs. “Marriage is Gay”. Talking about what the future holds for her and Robie, and from the looks of it, we presume that the couple is happier without a conventional paper bounding ceremony. But we never know! Everything is possible!

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