Doug Hitchner’s Net Worth – The Ex-Husband Of NBC News Host Hallie Jackson

To all readers out there who knows Hallie Jackson, the Chief White House correspondent for NBC News, you will be reading about her better half Doug Hitchner’s earnings and their not-so publicly exposed life together.  …

To all readers out there who knows Hallie Jackson, the Chief White House correspondent for NBC News, you will be reading about her better half Doug Hitchner’s earnings and their not-so publicly exposed life together. 

Regarding Hitchner, baseball fans know that this sportsperson who maintains a pretty athletic body, blue eyes, and dark brown hair (no ladies, I shan’t be writing any further adjectives regards to his body shape that somewhat massages the eyes), made a name for himself by turning from a player to a coach at the time when Doug was passioned for this sport. But was Hitchner a good player!? The baseball thing would have surely provided him with the required fame and if not his body frame would have done the job just fine. Now, if you are wondering what he now does, we can mention that his bio is considered to be private and his secrecy is pretty hard to understand however, after digging in a little, you will see why we say so… 

Doug Hitchner might be a sports’ personality, however, he was obscure to the media at the limelight of his sports career. On the other hand, his marriage with his highschool sweetheart Hallie did spice up his public appearance, because his then-wife is on the TV screens every day!

Let’s see how it all started.

Hitchner was born in the States, spending most of his early life with his family, his siblings, and clearly doing a lot of situps. Not much is known about his family, but the way he carried himself, we think his upbringing was pretty good. His career dream took place when Doug attended John Hopkins University where he played as a catcher and a blocker in the baseball team. 

During his high school education, Doug fell in love with Hallie. He was a year ahead of her at that time. She studied political science and graduated with the oldest academic honor society in the US, “Phi Bette Kappa” who aims to promote and advocate excellence in the liberal arts and sciences, and to induct the most outstanding students at American colleges, in the same John Hopkins University. After his graduation, Doug remained in the baseball team but as a coach rather than a player.

Thanks to his successful career at university, he was offered a job. He was hired as a coach and has dedicated his life to tutoring young stars in the making. Hitchner began his first year of coaching, after a four-year baseball career at Hopkins University. Doug started working primarily with the catchers, as he served as a team’s starting catcher for four consecutive seasons. He was regarded as a specialist Catcher in baseball. Hitchner has a career fielding percentage of .992, making only five errors. He was touted as an outstanding blocker and receiver too. 

While they were dating, Jackson started her journalism career in several known TV stations. First, in 2006, she worked at WBOC-TV, a Fox-affiliated virtual channel, in the town of Salisbury. Later on, in 2008, she moved to WFSB another CBS affiliated channel in Hartford and Connecticut. Seemed like Doug was following and supporting the path of his choice. 

After being together for a while, the couple decided to tie the knot. Doug proposed to Hallie back in 2010, and the big “I do” was a year later at Perkasie, Pennsylvania in Bucks County. However, at that time the news where not much known so this marriage was not of big fame. The ceremony was a private one, with only close friends, family members, and people within their inner circle. Doug Hitchner and Hallie Jackson kept a low key marital life. The couple was living a quiet and romantic private life, scarcely sharing intimate and family photos or making headlines be it for the right or wrong reasons. Doug and Hallie have two daughters together, owning to their private lifestyle the individual names and dates of birth are not known to the media.

His relationship with this famous television presenter did not make any difference to his private lifestyle, while Jackson’s profession is open to the public eyes and followed by many. Although with his marriage, his name was projected in the media, they are barren of his biographical data, ranging from date of birth to what he currently does to make a living. Nevertheless, we do know more!

In 2014, Jackson became a reporter and journalist for NBC News, for which she covered Ted Cruz presidential campaign for the network as their embedded reporter. In the summer of 2016, Jackson began anchoring the 1 P.M ET edition of MSNBC Live, a daytime coverage platform, or the place for politics during election seasons. At the beginnings of 2017, she became Chef White House correspondent for NBC News, an anchor for its cable division, and a fill-in anchor for “Today”. 

News popped up that this couple is no longer together when Hallie was seen not wearing her wedding ring anymore. It did not take long enough when this was confirmed with other astonishing news that Hallie and the Senate producer and outdoor reporter for NBC News, Frank Thorp, are related to each other with an established romantic relationship and waiting to become parents. When she was asked by the media, her response was that they have had adventures together but parenthood will be the happiest and craziest one since both of them bonus from the fact they are covering Washington politics and are used to sleepless nights and lots of crying. To which Frank himself confined it. In March 2020, they welcomed their first child together named Monroe. Ever since, this time, this couple, seems to be keen on media attention, therefore photos of the trio can be easily found on social media. 

To make it more memorable, Jackson was invited and gave special remarks at her alma mater John Hopkins University’s commencement ceremony in May 2020, the same University where both Doug and Hallie studied. 

Doug Hitchner has not revealed much from his career and life on the whole, but his endeavors have certainly increased his wealth. Our sources estimated that his net worth is $1 million as of 2020. Not bad, don’t you think!?

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