Did s1mple Change the Landscape for Esports Athletes?

Have you heard of Esports; do you know any of the big names? It’s hard to ever think that video games would be as big today. Did you think that a hobby such as video …

Have you heard of Esports; do you know any of the big names? It’s hard to ever think that video games would be as big today. Did you think that a hobby such as video games would have such a large following championship? One man has emerged as the pioneer of eSports, and his name is s1mple. How did he get so big? We explore in this guide. 

What is Esports  

Where did gaming competitively all begin? Do you remember when arcades were popular? Forget Madonna, this was something new. The first video game competition was called The Space Invaders Tournament held in 1980 and is completely different to today’s video gaming competitions. 

Video games now offer a career by playing professionally where you can get paid to play games. This is more difficult than it sounds as the amount of talent and skill you must have to have to play in these championships/competitions. There are even talks of the sport going to the Olympics. To think long ago that video games were just a hobby or something that you could do to spare time is now a sport watched by millions. Esports, which is short for electronic sports, is a competition that involves video games, which can be played in teams or on your own.  

Times have changed and people are starting to realize what an opportunity there is in the video gaming community. Video games were never thought to be as big as they are now with almost half the population playing video games in their spare time, or just to get a break from life and live/play in an alternative universe. You can find online html5 games that cover every scenario you can imagine. Unlike In the real world, you can do whatever you want, break rules with little consequences and be anyone. There are several types of video games that appeal to all ages or genders and make video gaming more inclusive as different people have different interests. This makes me wonder what will be next in video game development. What will happen in the future? What is the next development in sports? Will it be going to the Olympics finally? Will there ever be virtual reality video games to compete in?  

Who is s1mple  

S1mple is a Ukrainian professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive (video game) player for Natus Vincere. S1mple, whose real name actually is Aleksandr Kostilev is considered to be one of the best players in Global Offensive history and has a long-running history of winning. S1mple has a career full of some impressive achievements. These include 33 tournament wins, as well as some of the major tournaments. He is so well known as he has been at the top of the charts and still remains to be a long-standing winner that continually does not get beat.  

Has s1mple Changed the Landscape for Esports Athletes   

He has managed to beat all the oncoming new talent and still stay on top; he has made a name for himself being the best player in that particular field. What is interesting is that he has built up a big fan base that has stuck with him and stayed through the years with new challenges. Personality plays a part, many people think s1mple is a good player, well-known and a humble person which makes him more easily liked and creates an even bigger fanbase.  


S1mple has made it impossible for people to beat his long-lasting legacy. He has managed to create such a big part in the esports world. Creating a bigger and more loyal fanbase that attracts more people into video gaming.   

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