Popular Products for Wellness Coaches/Influencers to Sell

Wellness is becoming a more important priority for many individuals across the country. Especially in the last decade or so, people have started to realize that focusing on their well-being bleeds into every aspect of …

Wellness is becoming a more important priority for many individuals across the country. Especially in the last decade or so, people have started to realize that focusing on their well-being bleeds into every aspect of their lives and increases their enjoyment of various activities. Whether you are focusing on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or social health this year, there are many wellness coaches and influencers who can help you along the journey. 

Social media influencers and entrepreneurs are turning to wellness in droves, creating new businesses focused on helping their followers and clients pursue health in many ways. Many of these individuals find sponsorship partners or do affiliate marketing for products associated with their niche. 

If you have started on your own coaching or wellness influencer journey, you may be looking for partnerships that will allow you to increase your income and provide products for your followers and clients to purchase to help with their goals. Here are some of the most popular types of products that wellness entrepreneurs are selling.

Custom Lines of Fitness Clothing

Whether you are looking to become a yoga instructor or guiding others through workout programs, promoting fitness clothing is a great option for sponsorship or developing your own line. You could choose a style of yoga pants to do affiliate marketing for, comfy shirts that are breathable for workouts, or even lines of shoes. Product brands will pay influencers and wellness coaches through sponsorship to advertise their products on the person’s channel or website, providing the individual with income and the brand with increased product visibility. Engaging with your audience and offering fitness clothing is a popular way to boost your income.

Food/Drink Partnerships

If you are involved with nutritional wellness as a coach or influencer, then food sponsorships or affiliate marketing are extremely important. You could work with a yogurt brand that provides a good balance of nutrients for your followers or clients who are trying to eat healthier. Energy drinks are another popular item for entrepreneurs to sell or link to on their channels. Essentially, choosing foods or drinks that you personally endorse and would use for your own purposes shows your audience that you trust the brand, earning sales for the company that benefit you as well. 


Supplements are a great product for supporting healthy diets. Multivitamins, protein powders, fish oil capsules, and others can come from eager companies who want to sponsor you and gain access to your audience. By offering these products on your social media channels and website, either through sponsored content or affiliate marketing, you can suggest helpful supplements to your audience that promote cellular health and support healthy eating habits. 

Branded Merch

Want to sell your own line of products? Followers and clients love to support their favorite wellness coaches and influencers by purchasing their stuff. If you have a logo, order some shirts with your logo plastered across the front or incorporate another cool design. You can even host a contest for your followers to brainstorm t-shirt designs. Maybe you can sell some headbands, water bottles, or yoga equipment with your logo on it. This will give you additional exposure when they display your merchandise in public, as well as income from the sale itself. If you aren’t sure how to sell products successfully online, check out these influencer tips for 2022

Books or Courses

In your pursuit of entrepreneurship, you likely spent a lot of time learning about your niche, which may have been what inspired you to become a coach or influencer. Sharing the information that you learned, and where you learned it, could be an effective way to boost your income. You could link to books that were influential for your journey that your target audience would enjoy for affiliate marketing. Or you could search for sponsors who offer online courses that you think your followers or clients would be interested in. Doing this is mutually beneficial for yourself and for the company that you partner with. 

Choose Products That Line Up With Your Niche

Some influencers or coaches will look to partner with brands that have little to do with the interests of their audience. This is unlikely to yield positive results. You may not be able to secure the partnership in the first place, let alone earn much income from it. 

You understand your target audience better than anyone if you have done appropriate market research. Use this information to guide your decisions regarding what types of products you can sell or link to that your audience would love. Followers and coaching clients often want to emulate the success or journey of the entrepreneur, so allow them to discover what products have helped you achieve those goals and share the rewards.

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