Choosing a Japanese car: importing to Sydney

Japanese cars are popular all over the world. These cars are known for their reliability, passability and longevity. According to statistics, the biggest part of top-safety cars takes exactly Japanese auto. In this article, you …

Japanese cars are popular all over the world. These cars are known for their reliability, passability and longevity. According to statistics, the biggest part of top-safety cars takes exactly Japanese auto. In this article, you will learn how to choose used Japanese vehicles for sale and which right-hand drive vehicle should be preferred when buying.

Why are Japanese imports so popular?

Japanese vehicles continue to play the first fiddle due to the highest assembly quality and reliability. According to these indicators, only the brainchild of German manufacturers can compete with Japanese used cars. However, the vehicle from Japan also has additional advantages. Among them:

  • low cost of repairs and components compared to vehicles from Europe;
  • high technological equipment – by the number of various electronic systems and “bells and whistles” that make life easier for the driver, creating necessary conditions for a comfortable operation of the vehicle;
  • long service life – with the help of Japanese car imports in Australia, you can buy a 15 or even 20-year-old car from the land of the rising sun, which will serve you several times longer than a 5-year European car.

How to choose used Japanese vehicles for sale? 

Despite the reliability of the “Japanese”, People Movers for sale in Sydney recommend carefully checking the technical condition of a used vehicle before buying it, including:

  • body geometry (broken and recovered vehicles after an accident are a common occurrence on European car markets);
  • transmission check-up, especially if it’s automatic (restoration will be expensive);
  • functioning of electronic systems;
  • other mechanisms and units.

When choosing a used Japanese car, look at the ratio of mileage and price. Vehicles from Japan are famous for their low mileage and good technical condition. If you want to reduce the risk of making a mistake, it’s beneficial to buy used cars at Jap imports Sydney, where all vehicles undergo a mandatory pre-sale inspection.

Right or left?

Japanese cars may be right-hand drive (for the local market) and left-hand drive (for delivery to Europe and America). Which of these options should you choose? Experts are unanimous in the opinion that, if possible, it is better to buy a car with a right-hand drive. There are several reasons:

  • Price: European vehicles are always more expensive than used Japanese vehicles for sale.
  • Many models of “Japanese” have four-wheel drive only with “native” right-hand drive (for Europe and America, such modifications are not made).
  • In terms of reliability and assembly quality, European “Japanese” are inferior to vehicles with right-hand drive, produced for the domestic market.
  • The lineup of used right-hand drive cars is often more diverse, especially in the minivan category (for example, among cars with increased capacity, you will not find a left-hand drive Toyota Wish, Voxy or Ipsum, Honda Elysion or Nissan Serena). Japanese imports will help choose you the best suitable auto!
  • The maximum equipment of a car with a right-hand drive is many times better than a car with a left one. For example, a left-handed Toyota Corolla 2005 does not have all-wheel drive, OEM navigation, TV and a camera to control movement in reverse gear. At the same time, the Japanese version of the vehicle can be bought cheaper than American or European one.

Jap imports Sydney: which Japanese car is better to buy?

The selection of Japanese car imports in Australia is overwhelming. However, based on the indicators of assembly quality and reliability, Toyota Corolla has been among the leaders of numerous ratings compiled by various international expert companies for two decades. Also, among the brainchilds of this Japanese auto giant, experts advise choosing such models as:

  • Camry;
  • Land Cruiser;
  • Verossa;
  • Harrier.

The second most popular brand among Japanese manufacturers is Nissan. You may confidently buy the following models:

  • Almera;
  • Primera;
  • Cefiro;
  • Gloria.

Mitsubishi is considered the third most popular among Japanese cars.  Jap imports Sydney advise choosing models, such as:

  • Pajero;
  • Lancer;
  • Galant;
  • Outlander.

If you choose among other Japanese brands and models, then you will not go wrong if you buy a used Honda Accord or Legend, Mazda 2, 3 or 6. Among the residents of Europe, Infiniti and Lexus are in great demand. Before you buy a right-hand drive car – learn its history with People Movers for sale Sydney! There you will get detailed information about a vehicle, diagnostics and expert opinion. After hearing the expert’s opinion, you will definitely decide whether or not to buy a Japanese used car.

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