8 Signs a Female Co-worker Likes You

As a man, you may often wonder whether a female at your workplace is more than just a co-worker to you. You are sensing she might be giving you hints, but you’re confused if she’s …

As a man, you may often wonder whether a female at your workplace is more than just a co-worker to you. You are sensing she might be giving you hints, but you’re confused if she’s really interested in you, or she meant nothing, and just being friendly.

It might turn out to be a hard job deciphering whether she’s just nice or wants more like a relationship. This kind of situation, if not handled properly, could cost you your job. However, to make things easier, we’ve come with some signs, both verbal and nonverbal you could look out for to know whether she really likes you

Always Smiling at You Whenever She Sees You

Now, this is a good sign. A non-verbal one that sends a strong message to whoever it’s been addressed to. Your female co-worker might be friendly and smiles at everyone. But the way she’ll smile at you will be different from the way she does to others. Her smile is likely to come with a change or moves of lips.

If you think there’s a twinkle in her eyes whenever you’re around her, then it’s a sign she likes you. Another thing is her eyes; they could be smiling too if they are, it’s a sure sign she likes you and trying to draw your attention to her. 

She Finds Ways to Be Around You

If you always find her wherever you go in the office, at office parties, or some get-togethers, and if at these places, she always finds a way to be around you, she might just be looking for a way to catch your attention.

Sometimes, they’d look like coincidences, but there’s more to it. Also, you can find her asking for help whenever something is wrong, probably to fix something or to help her with some works. If those help calls come a lot, accompanied by wanting to be around you, it’s an absolute sign she likes you. 

Too Many Accidental Touches 

Yes!  Touches happen. So do accidental touches. However, when these accidental touches are too many, then something is up. Females talk with their bodies, so you need to notice her body language.

If she likes you, there’ll be a change in her body language whenever she’s around you. If there’s enough space for you too, then why all the accidental touches? So, when her hand or parts of her body are accidentally touching you now and then, it’s because she wants it to happen. 

She Flirts With You

Office works can be stressful at times. Some times, this makes people engage in some activities like lighthearted flirting to ease-up the stress. A female co-worker can use this time to flirt with someone they are into.If you notice your female co-worker’s body language is different from that of others, while doing this “lighthearted” flirting with you, it’s a signal that she wants more than just office friends.  

Frequent Eye Contact

Everyone makes frequent eye contact, especially when they like someone. We’ve all done it when we found someone attractive. When you notice her looking at you from a distance, but she suddenly pulls her gaze away, and then it happens again and again. It’s a sign that she likes you. You should talk to her. Also, when she talks to you, and she does it in a way that ensures direct eye contact with you. It’s a signal.  

She Seems Interested in Your Personal Life

You really can’t know someone without getting to know about their personal life. If that female co-worker of yours likes you, she’ll be keen on knowing more about you, about your personal life and not just office life. She will ask you some personal questions in wanting to know you more. 

Now, you need to notice how deep she goes about those questions; if most of them involve an emotional response, it’s a sign she likes you. Some times, it may just be that she’s a curious type, so you’ll need to observe more closely in order not to misinterpret intentions. 

She Wants to Hang Out With You

If your female co-worker always talks about hanging out ‘together’ when only two of you are talking. It’s a subtle sign she likes you. She may even suggest the date or tells you about her free time. This hint is a good one,  and it’s about her wanting a one-on-one time with you outside office environment. She might even join social groups in which you’re in. It’s all sign that she wants more than just being co-workers.

If She Tells you Her Secrets

If someone tells you their secrets, they obviously want to or think they can confide in you. A woman particularly doesn’t go around blabbing her secrets to a guy unless she wants the guy to know about her.

So, if she tells you some personal secrets that she doesn’t share with any other co-workers in the office, then she wants you to get to know her on a more personal level.  It’s a sign she wants you two to be more than co-workers. 

There you have it! As adults and working-class people, we get to spend more time at work than seeing family and friends. With all this time at work, it isn’t strange that people tend to get attracted to their colleagues. Deciphering these signs from female co-workers can, however, be hard. Luckily, we’ve provided some subtle signs and signals for you above. 

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