Over the generations, people have continued to champion the rights of women for an equal society. Most women have indeed been systematically oppressed, and this has continued to hinder their development and well-being.

Joey Horn Is the managing director of Oak management, a large investment management company. Prior to joining Oak Managing, Joey worked in various other multinational companies in the US and Europe, and Asia.

Joey Horn decided to devote her time and energy to fighting for equality, social justice, humane society, and various marginalized groups’ empowerment. Joey works in collaboration with other philanthropists, such as Nalini Malani.

Nalini Malani is a renowned artist who started out by focusing her arts on painting and drawings. Later in life, she has extended her arts into film animations and videos. Malani’s work has been showcased in large platforms and world-renowned museums such as the Stedelijk Museum and New York’s MoMA Museum of Modern Art.

Joey Horn has worked with various charitable organizations where she focused on empowering women, providing resources, and ensuring that there are opportunities for children to thrive. Recently, Joey Horn volunteered her talents and served as the executive director for a female-driven motion picture dubbed “Liberté: A Call to Spy.”

Horn has invested her time and resources to champion out the rights of women and children throughout the world. She has worked hand in hand with Mothers2Mothers, an organization that has dedicated itself to helping end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.

About Joey Horn 

Joey started her career at Williams College, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. She later pursued higher education at Yale, where she received an MBA. Joey has worked in various cities such as Oslo, New York, Singapore, Paris, and London. She has gained invaluable work and cultural experiences working in different parts of the world.


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