Which fruity IVG liquids are the best?

If you like flavored liquids then this article is for you. The IVG brand is famous for offering a very long list of various fruity liquids. If you are looking for something that can positively …

If you like flavored liquids then this article is for you. The IVG brand is famous for offering a very long list of various fruity liquids. If you are looking for something that can positively surprise you with its taste, here you will find some interesting suggestions.


IVG is a brand also known as I Vape Great. It is one of the largest and globally known brands. Liquids of this brand can be found in many countries around the world. Currently, the number of countries served exceeds 100. Due to the activity on the global market, the company has managed to deliver as many as 30 million bottles of liquid. The quality provided by IVG is appreciated in the UK and abroad. An example is the Best UK Brand award in the Best International Brand in Canada competition in 2020. Another example is the Best UK Brand award, which was awarded in 2019 by millions of vapors across the globe. There are many similar examples of appreciating the IVG brand. It is simply a brand that customers appreciate for its high quality.

Flavored IVG liquids

The IVG brand is famous for having a wide range of flavored liquids in its offer. We can find various fruit mixes here. That is why liquids from this company are very often chosen by people who like sweet fruit flavors. Below are some interesting liquids that can be found on ecigarettesworld.ie.

• Apple Berry Crumble – this is a rich dessert blend. During vaping you will feel a juicy apple highlighted with a distinct ripe blackberry. An excellent taste proposition for everyone who is looking for expressive fruit flavors.
• Apple Berry Crumble – apple and blackberry filling, topped with a crushed biscuit. An excellent dessert porposition. It’s great for vaping while eating dessert on a lazy afternoon.
• Berry Medley – a blend of berries with a delicate sweet taste. The main flavor of the berry is enriched with apple, black currant and raspberry. Such a fruity set means that everyone who is looking for a fruit-flavored liquid should not be disappointed.
• Blue Pop – a mixture of blueberries and raspberries, resembling a lollipop. When vaping, there is a taste sensation similar to lollipops or candies. A great liquid for any lover of sweets.

Fruit mixes with the addition of menthol
Flavored fruity liquids with menthol
Traditional liquid in a modern version – mx sweet taste with menthol

For those vapers who like the traditional menthol flavor, fruity liquids with a menthol are the solution. There is a fairly large group of vapers who cannot imagine vaping without the cool, traditional taste of menthol. Below we present a few liquids of this type.

• Blue Raspberry NIC Salt – a mixture of raspberries. It is something for those who like sweet liquids but at the same time do not want to part with the traditional and unique menthol aftertaste. The perfectly balanced mixture gives a very good vaping experience.
• Blueberg Burst Nic Sole – a fruit blend made of blueberries and strawberries combined with cool menthol.
• Bubblegum Nic Sole – a very interesting blend of chewing gum, very similar to the taste of candy or bubble gum. This sweet childhood-like flavor is accentuated by the cool taste of traditional menthol. An amazing vaping experience is guaranteed.

In summary, the IVG company has a very wide offer for those who are looking for liquids with various fruity flavors. The offer is complemented by fruit mixes combined with cool traditional menthol. As a result, IVG products meet the tastes of people who are fans of modern taste as well as for those who cannot part with the traditional menthol aftertaste.

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