Caring for Your Jewelry: Tips for Keeping Rings Sparkling

Have you ever found the shine on your prized jewelry pieces quickly fading away? This happens often and most people are left in the dark about how to prevent this from happening or how to …

Have you ever found the shine on your prized jewelry pieces quickly fading away? This happens often and most people are left in the dark about how to prevent this from happening or how to restore the lost shine and luster. Knowing the right tips and tools to use can help you ensure that your bling always maintains its elegance and brilliance. Staying aware of potential factors such as water, chemical agents, and micro-scratches can help you in maintaining your jewelry’s shine and sparkle. In this article, we’ll share essential tips on how to care for your accessories, with a particular focus on rings.

Understanding the Material of Your Jewelry

Gold, silver, diamond, emerald, sapphire, and the list goes on. The first step in caring for your jewelry is understanding what it’s made of. Different precious metals and gemstones like rose gold or sterling silver require different care methods. For instance, certain chemicals that may have minimal effects on gold might severely discolor silver. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the specific kind of care required by the different materials in your collection.

Also, knowing the karat grading of your gold accessories is important. The karat grading defines the purity of gold used, with the highest being 24 karats. A lower karat of gold means a higher likelihood of the piece tarnishing due to other metals in the mixture. Also, certain gemstones are relatively soft and require extra care to prevent scratches or chipping. Amethyst and emeralds, for example, need to be handled with more caution as compared to diamonds which are quite hard.

So, we advise that you do your homework and stay knowledgeable about your precious items and other accessories when you’re shopping online at Kendra Scott. Once you understand the unique care each piece in your collection requires, maintaining their shine becomes more manageable.

Regular Cleaning

The most common cause of dullness in your accessories is dirt and grime, which can accumulate over time especially if you wear your pieces regularly. Regular cleaning is therefore essential in maintaining their shine. Many people, however, often resort to improper or aggressive cleaning methods that end up damaging the piece instead of maintaining it. Gentle soap and warm water is often all you need along with a very soft brush.

You can also place your ring in a cleaning solution and let it soak for a few minutes. This will help loosen any dirt or debris lodged in hard-to-reach places. Gently scrub the ring using a soft toothbrush, paying particular attention to the setting, prongs, and other intricate details. Be careful not to apply excessive pressure as this can loosen gemstones or scratch the metal.

Items like diamond statement rings require more regular cleaning due to their higher susceptibility to grime and dirt. Other types made from pristine metals like gold or platinum do not necessarily need to be cleaned as frequently. A regular cleaning schedule based on how often you wear your accessories and the type of ring is therefore necessary.

It’s also important to know that certain chemicals should be avoided during cleaning. For instance, chlorine and bleach can lead to a variety of damage to your accessories like deformation or discoloration. Aggressive cleaning products or scrubbing can also lead to scratches or irreversible damage to the ring’s surface.

Mindful Storage


Jewelry pieces are often miniature works of art and deserve to be handled as such. The way you store your accessories can go a long way in ensuring their shine and brilliance are maintained. Different pieces should be stored individually to avoid scratches and other forms of damage that can result from contact. Consider investing in an accessory box with individual compartments for each piece.

Note that certain conditions can affect particular types of accessories. Sterling silver, for instance, tarnishes when exposed to air for prolonged periods of time. For that reason, an air-tight container or accessory bag is recommended. On the other hand, gemstones require certain humidity levels to maintain their shine, so be mindful of where your accessory box is placed as well.

In addition, always remove your accessories before doing certain activities such as swimming or housework to prevent them from being exposed to harmful chemicals or potential damage from rough handling.

Professional Servicing

Despite following all the best practices in caring for your pieces, it’s still advisable to consider professional servicing every once in a while. Over time, settings can become loose, prongs may break, and the overall shine could face natural wear and tear. This is where professional jewelers step in.

Professional cleaning goes beyond what regular home cleaning can do. Many jewelers offer ultrasonic cleaning, which has the capacity to clean crevices that are often missed in manual cleaning. This deep cleansing process can help restore the shine and add sparkle to your pieces, especially diamond statement rings, and other precious gemstones.

A professional jeweler also helps with prong tightening, resetting stones, and other essential maintenance that could be hard to fix on your own. Remember, however, that regular inspection is key. Always inspecting every piece in your collection ensures that any required repair is spotted and corrected on time before further damage is caused.

Jewelry Insurance

So far, we have talked about how to keep the shine and sparkle of your accessories; however, what about the worst-case scenario? What if you lose your precious ring gets stolen? It is advisable to get your statement rings insured for such events. Many homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies can be extended to cover your accessories, or you can take a stand-alone insurance policy.

When taking an insurance policy, you should accurately appraise your accessories and document all the necessary details about them. Take a record of all their features, marks, and the materials they are made from. It’s also advisable to keep an up to date photograph of each piece and their receipts to aid in the claim process in case of any unfortunate occurrence.

Remember that insurance policies vary and you might need to pay close attention to which eventualities your plan covers. It is also important to regularly review and update your coverage considering the changing value of precious metals and gemstones.

Avoiding Everyday Damage


Lastly, paying attention to your everyday routines can also help in keeping your accessories in top shape. Avoid exposing your accessories to any of the harsh chemicals found in certain cleaning products, perfumes, cosmetics, and even swimming pools. Ideally, put on your accessories last when you’re getting ready to go out and first to come off when you’re back.

Also, be wary of certain environmental conditions. Extreme cold or heat can cause certain metals and gemstones to contract or expand leading to damage or deformation. Keep your accessories out of direct sunlight, which can over time fade or darken certain materials.

Finally, when doing physically-demanding activities, it’s always advisable to take off your accessories. Activities such as working out at the gym, gardening, or even doing dishes can not only expose your accessories to potential harm but also increase the chances of losing them.

Overall, the best approach toward ensuring your accessories maintain their sparkle and shine is a combination of all these factors: from understanding the type of material your accessories are made of to the right cleaning methods, storage settings, regular servicing and even acquiring suitable insurance coverage. These habits together will not only keep your accessories sparkling but also prolong their lifespan and retain their value.