Top 5 Benefits of Using Apple News Plus

Apple News Plus, launched in March 2019 in the US and Canada, is one of the best subscription services offered by Apple. It’s a paid extension of Apple News that curates a wide range of …

Apple News Plus, launched in March 2019 in the US and Canada, is one of the best subscription services offered by Apple. It’s a paid extension of Apple News that curates a wide range of world news and offers its users unprecedented access to the best newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Each month, over five billion articles are read in Apple News. Operating on the Netflix model has enabled its users to gain access to everything once they are in the service. Below are the top five benefits of using Apple News Plus.

It supports family sharing

As a parent, you can benefit from this service as everyone in your family can access your paid subscription, unlike with other news providers. You can access it through Family Sharing, a simple feature to use with Apple News Plus.

If you are wondering about the Apple News Plus features and would like to subscribe to them, you should first read the Apple News Plus review. Reviews help a lot in unveiling the features of products and services. This Family Sharing feature is a welcome thing for all Apple News Plus users. In case of important news or any event taking place, there is a high likelihood that every member of the family with this app will get to know it as you do.

It captures magazine experience in digital form

Readers tend to be attracted by articles and videos that offer a rich visual experience. This is because they are likely to draw a lot of knowledge within a short period. With Apple News Plus, you will experience fascinating layouts, impressive graphic design, and great photography.

It will treat you with video images of different scenarios in different dimensions. This gives you a better experience with watching the whole episode of your favorite news. The more interesting the news gets, the more you are likely to frequently read them, and this will help you gain a lot of knowledge on what is happening around the globe and in your immediate surroundings.

It offers multiple recommendations

One of the most boring things that many readers experience after reading news is searching on multiple sites to get the real story of the scenes. With a single physical copy of a magazine, it becomes almost impossible to explore an event, especially if you are in a place with low cellular services. With Apple News, the interface pulls from multiple publications, enabling you to easily explore better content.

The recommendations are offered based on your interests and the most trending stories. You can also search for the news you want to read again, maybe to confirm something related to reading. This is a pretty RSS feed that will ensure you get the full detailed report of the events covered in the news headline.

You can download magazines for offline reading

Sometimes you might be feeling exhausted, but interesting stories are circulating on social media. In this case, you will feel disappointed if you won’t get the first-hand information in the correct order.

It’s important to note that, as news emerges, many publishers will tend to rely on the first stories published as they rarely like spending on the research before writing news. With Apple News, you can download the materials for offline reading if you are not in a position to read them right away.

First-month free subscription

Unless you get time to interact with a product or service, it becomes hard to be convinced about its features or the benefits users accrue from using it. Therefore, most online software companies provide their users with a free month trial to feel what their product can do.

Apple News has adopted this policy allowing users to try it for one month free. This allows you to take advantage of the services it provides as much as you want. The subscription process has been simplified to avoid the hassles that used to be there, and therefore, you do not need to worry about anything as all your needs are covered.

It can potentially save your money

Apple News Plus includes access to many services that you could have paid for each on its own. Using this app will ensure that you do away with paying for so many subscriptions that are almost becoming obsolete and losing customers.

With Apple News, you can save up to $8,000 a year if you subscribe to all magazines included in it. You can then invest the money you have saved in other business ventures or use it for another purpose. With the rising cost of living standards, it’s advisable to work with services or products that will enable you to save the least you have.


Numerous benefits can accrue to you when using Apple News Plus, depending on how you use it. Understanding its features better will ensure that you reap a lot of benefits from using it.

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