Glass Bongs: The Best Option for the Smoothest Hit

Have you considered smoking tobacco or enjoying marijuana use from a bong? If so, you might be confused about what types of bongs are best for the smoothest experience. Well, we don’t hesitate when we …

Have you considered smoking tobacco or enjoying marijuana use from a bong?

If so, you might be confused about what types of bongs are best for the smoothest experience. Well, we don’t hesitate when we say that, of all bong types, you can’t do better than glass bongs.

But before you go out and buy a glass bong, we’d like to convince you why it’s the best.

This article will outline all the different bong types and how they differ from each other. We’ll let you decide which of these smoking tools you think is best.

Acrylic Bongs

These are one of the most popular bong types for casual and regular users. Acrylic bongs are known to be lightweight, durable, and portable.

These are often some of the cheapest bong types available. So far, it’s hard to see why anyone would choose any other type of bong.

But the biggest criticism of acrylic bongs is that they leave a bad aftertaste. With continuous smoking, the heat from the acrylic bong can also leave a nasty odor.

As such, it’s not always the best choice if you plan on having company as you smoke.

Ceramic Bongs

These are another popular type of bong that many casual and regular smokers love.

You can buy ceramic bongs in different shapes, which makes them ideal for when you have company. These are also more portable than many of the other bong types.

It’s also a cheaper type of bong though it can get broken if not cared for. These bongs aren’t always the most durable and might need to get replaced after regular use.

While the taste is better than with acrylic bongs, we can’t say it’s the best taste ever. In other words, ceramic bongs aren’t bad, but they certainly aren’t the best value for your money.

Silicone Bongs

These aren’t the most popular bongs and have only found a niche customer base.

These are portable and travel-friendly. They are also durable and are quite difficult to break. But you can’t expect these bongs to last long. They might work for the casual smoker, but not for the regular smoker.

The truth is most customers like silicone bongs because of their unique designs. But bong designs shouldn’t be the major factor in buying bongs. You can’t promise that you’ll get the smoothest experience from these bongs.

As such, if you’re looking to buy a bong for the long-term, this isn’t the best option. If you’re thinking of buying a bong for someone else, you can do better than this option.

If you run a bar, lounge, or nightclub, these won’t sit well with your customers. These are bongs that they can buy on their own. As such, you want to give them a different option.

Glass Bongs

Now we finally get to the best of the bong types! When you shop for bongs, you shouldn’t look any further than glass bongs.

They help you enjoy smooth smoking and also help preserve the flavor as much as possible.

Plus, these are bongs that you can show off. Even a cheap glass bong can look stylish. As such, it’s perfect if you have company over.

If you buy bongs for your bar, lounge, or nightclub, this is a great option. You want to allure your customers, and glass bongs are the most attractive of all bong styles.

They do happen to be the most expensive bong types and are also very fragile. Still, this shouldn’t deter you at all from buying them.

This is the highest-quality bong available. They’ll last longer and give you and your friends the best smoking experience. If you buy a glass bong, it’ll be years until you have to replace it.

Why Else Glass Bongs Are Great

So why else should someone choose glass bongs over the other bong types mentioned in this guide?

If you’re a regular smoker, you know how important presentation is. While ceramic and silicone bongs have style, you can’t beat the elegance of glass bongs.

If you decide to throw a party, you want to make a great first impression on your guests. If they walk into your place, they’ll marvel at your glass bong. They’ll find it to be classy and will be eager to try it out.

Thickness of the bongs is also important. Thick glass bongs not only ensure higher quality and a longer lifespan they also feel better in your hands.

Glass bongs are also among the most customizable bong types. You can find many bong accessories that work well with glass bongs.

Some of these bong accessories include the following:

  • Ash catchers – these are great for collecting the ash and making cleanup much easier
  • Percolators – this helps to filter the strain to ensure a smoother smoking experience
  • Diffused down stem – these work to provide an additional filter if the percolators aren’t sufficient
  • Quartz banger – this helps if you and your friends enjoy dabbing while you take a hit

While glass bongs might cut into your bank, it’s possible that you won’t have to replace one for years. As we mentioned, they last longer, so they work well if you like to pass your bong around.

Glass bongs also come in different shapes and sizes. You can find a glass bong to keep on your smoking table at all times. You can also find portable glass bongs if you need to travel with one.

Plus, glass bongs bring you major bragging rights. If you share your glass bong with others, you’re telling them that you want them to have a great smoking experience!

Choose Your Bongs

Convinced that glass bongs are the best? Now you can choose the perfect glass bong as your smoking tool.

Make sure you use these bongs responsibly and that you do your research on the best strains to buy for them. We know you and your friends will enjoy a smooth hit from these bongs.

You can also invest in these bongs if you want to start a bar or lounge for smoking. Please share this guide with anyone else interested in buying bongs.

You can also find more articles on bongs, smoking, and marijuana on our website!

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