Eleven Facts About Lionel Messi That All Messi Fans Should Know

Lionel Messi is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable faces that any sports or soccer lover may know. However, beyond his countless goals for FC Argentina and Barcelona, there is still a lot that soccer …

Lionel Messi is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable faces that any sports or soccer lover may know. However, beyond his countless goals for FC Argentina and Barcelona, there is still a lot that soccer lovers do not know of this megastar. What are these things? Here, we will enlist some of the most interesting things about this soccer sensation, Lionel Messi. Let us address them one by one. 

Messi has been into soccer ever since he was a little boy 

Nathan, an educator who offers accounting homework help service for students, has shared this fact with us. He states that back in the day when Messi was a little boy, he played for a team coached by his father. Given his finesse at the game, he was soon recruited to get on board with the Newell’s Old Boys Soccer Club. After he entered the team, everyone started talking about his height. He was visibly tinier than the other boys on the team, and this was when he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. His parents then put him on growth hormone injections. 

Barcelona helped him overcome his disease

When Messi was a little boy, he was suffering from a growth hormone deficiency. To overcome this problem, he regularly injected human growth hormones into his legs for three years. This was an expensive treatment, and back then, it cost about $ 1500 per month. Though his parents started the treatment for Messi, they were unable to keep up with the cost. So, when Barcelona decided to get Messi on board with them, they paid for this expense for 36 months. 

Note on the napkin

In 2000, after a Barcelona trial, Rexach, the club’s first team director, wanted to sign the thirteen-year-old Messi immediately. However, back then, it was unheard of to bring in a South American player to Europe, too, at such a tender age. This did make the board hesitant a bit. When Barça was slapped with an ultimatum, Rexach was quick to react. He then drafted a contract on the nearest paper that he could access, and this paper was tissue paper. It is so adorable to know that Messi has still framed and kept that napkin from that day,’ comments Stephen, an expert who offers online ‘do my computer science homework services. Well, that paper is still on Messi’s walls, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Messi is a big-time foodie

Ever since Messi was a child, he has always loved food. However, Lionel mostly appreciates simple food. His favorite meal is Milanesa Napolitana, made with tomatoes, onions, some cheese, and a generous amount of spices. Messi also loves the scrumptious schnitzel.

Tale of two nations

After a few years of association with Barcelona, the Royal Spanish Football Federation was genuinely obsessed with him and his game. This is why they wanted to have him over and be a part of the Spanish Football Team. However, Messi had a different game plan. He wanted to take the route adopted by the former football legend Diego Maradona. This is the reason he rejected the offer and decided to play for Argentina. This alerted the Argentinian Football Association. They were not even aware of the young Messi, but they wanted to know if he was any good. So, for that, they organized two under-20 friendlies. 

A grandmother’s love

Messi fondly remembers his grandmother time and again. Stuart, an educator who offers ‘do my assignmentservices,  and a soccer fanatic, says that ‘In so many interviews, Messi has mentioned his grandmother and the kind of influence she had on his life. It is just so adorable.’

Well, yes, Messi’s love and respect for his grandmother have been evident right from the start. While she was alive, she routinely accompanied Messi to the training sessions and the matches while he was a child. Sadly, she passed away while Messi was only ten. However, Messi still remembers hers anytime he scores. He says that he points towards heaven whenever he scores, and that is his tribute to his grandmother. It is saddening that Messi’s grandmother took her for all the practices and the matches, but now she cannot revel his success. 

Cosmopolitan heritage

The Barcelona forward player has a heritage from a mix of different cultures. His mother was from Lebanon, and his father emigrated from Italy. He has his relatives based in England too. 

UNICEF Children’s Ambassador

In 2010, Lionel became the UNICEF Children’s Ambassador. The soccer legend Messi has always used his influence and popularity in the right direction, and this time to promote children’s rights globally.

Hat Trick 

When a football player scores three times in a single match, it is known as a hat trick. It may sound easy, but it is clearly not easy, especially in professional football, where even the top-class players fail to score even a goal in their careers. Although rare and exceptional, nothing is ever difficult for Mr. Hat Trick, Lionel Messi. The Argentinian player has scored three or more than three goals in around fifty-three matches. That’s genuinely some class act. 

He is the king of El Clasico

Even though all of the hat tricks scored by Messi are rememberable and remarkable, there are two which no F. C. Barcelona’s fans can ever forget. 

Messi scored his first-ever hat trick in Clasico, where he played against Real Madrid in 2007. At that time, Messi was only 19. Some years down the lane, Messi repeated the same trend in 2014 in Madrid Stadium. On this day, Messi broke the 18 goal record in the Derby, which Alfredo Di Stefano held, a famous Argentinian player. 

Still humble

Many people may regard Messi as God, but like the several other professional soccer players, even Messi does not like to watch the highlights from his own games. He says he would instead enjoy some cartoons with Thiago. 

These are the eleven most important things that you need to know about the soccer-star Lionel Messi. Know more facts about him? Let us know in the comments below. 

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