CBD is the over-the-counter medication of the future. While people in the past took Advil, Midol, and even Whiskey to treat their ailments, people of the future will take CBD. The stigma around CBD is already dying, 1/3 of Americans have already used it

But if you’re new to this wonder-medication, you might encounter some terms that you don’t understand. For example, what are THC-free distillates? How can they affect your experience? 

This article will serve as your guide to distillates. 

What Are THC-Free Distillates? 

To answer this question, you first have to understand the difference between CBD and THC. 

Cannabis doesn’t act on your body on its own, it’s made of several different cannabinoids — naturally occurring chemicals. CBD is the chemical that relaxes your body and relieves pain. THC is the chemical that relaxes your mind and produces the psychoactive effects stereotypical of marijuana. 

A THC-free distillate is a type of cannabis product designed to completely eliminate THC. Most CBD products do have trace amounts of CBD in them, because of an effect known as the “entourage effect“, whereby the effects of CBD are enhanced by the effects of THC. 

However, some people simply don’t want the effects of THC. 

Those suffering from acute or chronic pain may want to use a CBD product in the morning to help them through the workday. Most people don’t have jobs they can get through while high. 

How Are THC-Free Distillates Created? 

Naturally, the cannabis plant is going to have all of its cannabinoids in it. THC-free distillates have to be put through a special distillation process that takes out the naturally occurring THC. For more information, check out this article on creating THC free distillate

Because of this process of extraction, some cannabis purists who want the most natural experience don’t prefer THC-free distillates. They would probably prefer full-spectrum CBD, which has every sort of cannabinoid you naturally find in cannabis, including minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and CBN. 

A good option for anyone on the fence is broad-spectrum CBD. A broad-spectrum CBD will have some cannabinoids filtered out but won’t be quite as pure as THC-free distillate. 

Types of THC-Free Distillates

The extraction of THC means that you’re not going to consume CBD in the same ways. You won’t be able to smoke a THC-free distillate the same way you smoke cannabis. 

However, there are THC-free distillates that come in honey, and tinctures that you can place under your tongue. If these are ways you feel comfortable taking your CBD, we advise going with them. 

Change Your Life With CBD

One of the biggest things that keep people from relieving themselves from pain with CBD is not wanting to get high. Thankfully, with THC-free distillates, that worry is a worry of the past. Now that you understand THC-free distillates, you can proceed in your CBD adventure.  

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