It has never been easier to talk to a healthcare professional over the phone. People lead busy and often hectic lives, and they may feel like they are not always able to cope with the day-to-day challenges of work-life balance, economic stress, family drama, childcare, and the like. A professional therapist is a person who is equipped to help individuals find healing solutions to their everyday anxieties. In the past, a person had to pay a high fee in order to get the therapy that he or she may have needed in order to function at the basic level. With telehealth, that expense has become drastically reduced.

Well Known Telehealth Companies

Talkspace is a telehealth company that has been helping people connect with qualified therapists for several years. This company was started because there was such a huge need for affordable therapy. Through the help of this company, thousands of people have benefited from much-needed talk therapy. Apart from therapists, clients are able to connect with psychiatrists who are able to prescribe medication.


Lasting is a talk therapy company that works in a similar way to the company mentioned above. The difference is that Lasting focuses on couples therapy. The goal of Lasting is to create long-lasting and happy unions. Lasting is dedicated to marriage and affordable therapy. With this service, couples are able to connect with their therapist and schedule regular couple’s therapy sessions.

Why the Need for Therapy

The stress of everyday life has gotten more and more difficult. Added to that, people are less connected to family and friends than they may have been in the past generations. One good thing is that people are highly aware of the need to take care of their mental and emotional health. The healthy remedy to these real problems is to seek out help. Instead of repressing negative feelings or neglecting emotional wellbeing, savvy individuals find professionals who can help them to navigate the world of relationships, feelings, healing, and closure. There is no need for a person to feel lost in his or her emotions, there are qualified professional therapists who can use their skills to improve the emotional health of others.

A Merging of Two Great Companies

Recently, it was published that Talkspace made the savvy decision to acquire Lasting. This acquisition will be of great benefit to those individuals who need it the most. Since Talkspace has become such a trusted and highly used company for therapy, there is no doubt that couples will find Lasting to be of great benefit to their union. Through this telehealth platform, patients are able to chat through the phone, text, or video. Telehealth platforms make it simple to find a great professional who can give needed aid to single adults, couples, teens, or children. Therapy is needed throughout different stages of life. Since that is the case, affordable therapy is essential so that people of all income levels can get the therapy that they need when they need it.


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