Everything You Need to Know About Botox in New Orleans

Botox has been a procedure that doctors have been using for years in New Orleans in order to treat people’s wrinkles and all of their facial creases. Botox is actually a brand for this treatment, …

Botox has been a procedure that doctors have been using for years in New Orleans in order to treat people’s wrinkles and all of their facial creases. Botox is actually a brand for this treatment, alongside Dysport and Xeomin, but Botox is the term that you would hear the most because it is the first ever injectable botulinum toxin. Botox surgery in New Orleans is actually already common, and if you are interested in going through this procedure, here is everything you need to know about botox in New Orleans.

What is a Good Price for Botox in New Orleans?

Like every procedure, the cost of your Botox procedure would depend on where you live, how many units of Botox you are going to get, and all of the areas of your face that you plan on getting injected with the smaller areas costing less, and the larger areas costing more. 

Another thing that would affect your price would have to be how much experience your dermatologist and/or plastic surgeon have. It would cost you more to get your Botox at a discounted medspa because the more expertise and injector you have, the more money they are going to be charging you.

Generally though, you are expected to pay somewhere between $19 to $25 per unit in bigger cities, and it could even go as low as $10 a unit if you live in smaller cities.

What are the 3 Areas for Botox?

1. Forehead Wrinkles

This is usually the first target when you want to look younger because it is considered as one of the first signs of aging. Forehead wrinkles are also commonly called frown lines and are probably the most common area for botox out of all 3 that are stated in this article. 

The forehead is the part of your face where muscles are constantly being used so the skin is constantly under stress making all those frown lines and wrinkles naturally form. This treatment is simple, quick, effective, requires no anesthesia and could last up to 6 months.

2. Crow’s feet line around the eyes

The fine lines that are formed at the corners of your eyes are referred to as the Crow’s feet and that is because you constantly have to use that muscle, making it an unfortunate and inevitable sign of aging.

Getting Botox injections at this particular part of your face would then effectively recuse these lines without having to stretch the appearance of your skin, and it could restore the youthful and healthier look that you are going for.

3. Vertical ‘11’ lines between your eyebrows

You would notice these ‘11’ lines that are found between your eyebrows every time you are frowning and Botox injections are there to help in reducing the depth of these specific lines and it could smoothen them out. 

Injecting this part of your face could take around 10 to 15 minutes and like all the other areas of your face where you could get injected, the results are excellent. 

Botox FAQs in New Orleans:

1. What is recovery like after a filler?

After you get your filler, you are allowed to apply make-up and return to work immediately. You should use ice or cool packs on the areas where the fillers were applied every 2 to 3 hours for 5 minutes to reduce swelling and avoid the risk of bruising.

2. When can I go back to work after injection treatments?

Patients may or may not return back to work straight away after your botox procedure, and even wear makeup afterwards.

3. Who could get filler treatments?

People who have volume loss and people who are seeking to enhance specific areas of your face may or may not be candidates for fillers that could decrease wrinkles, reduce sagging, lift your cheeks, fill your under-eye hollows, smoothen your jawlines, augment lips and could balance your asymmetry.

4, What is recovery like after Botox?

When you go through a botox injection, usually there would be no recovery time to go through after the procedure since there are some patients who may or may not have small red marks that could be present for 5 to 10 minutes after you go through your treatment. If you ever are required to go through recovery, you should not rub the areas that were just treated for an hour.

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