Best Makeup Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

Hiding your acne can be quite a task. Why? It would help if you worked on maintaining the texture and the uneven skin color. Moreover, while doing makeup, you also need to ensure that it …

Hiding your acne can be quite a task. Why? It would help if you worked on maintaining the texture and the uneven skin color. Moreover, while doing makeup, you also need to ensure that it does not cause any acne breakout. 

Reaching out to a professional dermatologist in Belleville, NJ, can help you understand how to care for your acne-prone skin. Just because you experience frequent acne breakouts does not mean you shouldn’t be wearing makeup, and covering acne is like an area that can help you the most. 

Makeup tips for covering acne

If you have acne, you need to ensure that makeup can be of help. Usually, it is advisable to follow two makeup colors to create an even complexion. Here are some makeup tips you will need to follow to cover up your acne-prone skin. Another option is to use blue light therapy for acne treatment. This option is very effective for the treatment of acne and more.

  • Use the color wheel

Not many people know how to use the color wheel for makeup. With the help of a color wheel, you can easily understand which colors you can use for the neutralization method. This is most efficient because the wavelength of colors will lead to cancellation. 

For neutralization, you need to choose colors on the opposite ends, which helps make up for the complementary colors. With the help of complementary colors, you can work on canceling the original color. 

Makeup artists know how color cancellation works, and therefore, they can choose the colors appropriately to hide the complexion flaws. 

  • Layer makeup

One of the best ways to determine acne coverage is to go for layer makeup. Doing the layered makeup appropriately will help you easily get over the purple and red marks. 

The best way to do layer makeup is to start with the complementary concealer color. The amount you’re using for the application will also help to determine if the color can be neutralized or not. 

It is advisable to opt for covering the dark and lighter colors. Layering the makeup to match your skin tone can be of great help. Furthermore, it will also work on softening the colors. It is often advisable to opt for peachy, brown, or tan shade for coverage. 

  • Keep the makeup brush clean

If you are prone to acne, you need to clean the makeup brush. Furthermore, it would help if you refrained from sharing your makeup brush with anyone else. 

Pimples and blemishes can be moist and open. When choosing makeup brushes, you should opt for something washable. You can use makeup brushes that can be washed in shampoo and water combination, and you should choose air drying your brush. 

  • Use sunscreen

Since you have acne-prone skin, you need to determine how you should be using sunscreen. The application process will also depend on the tint. If the sunscreen is tinted, you should apply it after the concealer. If it isn’t tinted, you should apply the sunscreen before the concealer. 

Layering the makeup powder can help you understand which one suits your face texture the most. Rather than using a foundation, you should use tinted sunscreen. Furthermore, if you fail to get enough coverage for the acne, you should apply the concealer. 

Final Words

You need to understand how things will work for you whenever you use makeup on your acne-prone skin. Using the color wheel concept can be of great help for making the right choice. Furthermore, it is always advisable to reach out to a professional dermatologist to know if it is okay to use makeup on acne-prone skin or not. 

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