It happens in a second, but it changes life forever.

Wrongful death can happen to anyone at the most unexpected times. People pass away each day due to car wrecks, and many families have lost loved ones due to extreme accidents at work.

Unfortunately, on top of the passing of a loved one, wrongful death situations can also cause financial turmoil for many families. This is why many people file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Are you unsure how to prove your loved one was a victim of a wrongful death? Below are 5 tips for winning the case.

1. Gather Documentation

The first major step in winning a wrongful death case is gathering all needed documentation. Even if you think some of it may be excessive, it could be useful later on down the road.

Gather any photo or video footage, witness reports, police reports, or calls made to you after the accident. It may hurt to look at the proof again, but holding onto it is for a good reason.

Make sure to present all documentation in court and to your attorney before the court date.

2. Hire an Attorney

Having a respectable attorney on your side will help you win the case. They can offer legal advice and support you through the entire process.

Not only will an attorney offer support, but they’ll be able to answer questions. It can be difficult to understand what a wrongful death even is. Luckily, there are also plenty of online resources to help, and you can learn more here.

3. Open an Investigation

As you start putting together your case, open an investigation. An investigation goes beyond just putting together documentation.

Investigators have a sharp eye for details that are easy to miss, and they’ll know who to contact to gather more supporting evidence.

4. Speak to a Financial Advisor

In many cases, the wrongful death of a loved one causes a huge financial strain on the family. By hiring a financial advisor, you’ll be able to show a judge just how much strain has been put on your family due to death.

5. Ask Witnesses to Be Present

Before going to court, give yourself plenty of time to contact any and all witnesses. Not only should you gather their testimony, but you should also ask them to be present in court.

Having the witness there in-person rather than just their words on a tape will make more of an impact on people in the courtroom. You might be surprised to hear exactly what people are able to recall from an accident.

Win a Wrongful Death Case

Approaching a wrongful death case is scary, but winning the case is possible. Use the tips above to help you before going to court.

Before doing anything, gather as much documentation as possible. Hire an attorney to answer any legal questions, and open an investigation to dive deeper into the incident.

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