You may think that the discounted luxury watch piece you saw is a steal because it looks just as sleek and pristine as any other luxury brand you may buy at reliable stores and outlets. It may feel heavy or smooth, but little did you know that the buyer is already ripping you off. You may not know that you are now looking at a fake luxury watch! They can be deceiving because they can look exactly like an authentic luxury watch. Do not let those sellers rip you off. Be well-informed about what a fake luxury watch looks like! Here are some signs of a fake luxury watch:

1. Do ample research

Luxury watches can be quite pricey. When you are thinking of purchasing one, do exhaustive research first. Know the right brands and models that fit your taste and lifestyle because most luxury watches tend to cater to what you will wear them for. There are diving watches, racing watches, and others. Make sure that the model you will buy will fit most of your activities. Researching will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the right luxury watch models. It will be easier for you to speculate if the watch before you is fake or authentic. Many reliable watch brands offer great models but are also highly imitated like Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer. Be careful!

2. Look for defects or mistakes

Imitation watches may highly look like authentic watches, but not entirely. If you look closely, you will catch some mistakes or defects. Luxury watches, especially Swiss-made watches, are created with the utmost standards and precision. A single defect or mistake is already quite questionable. Check out for misspelled words, scratches, paint peeling, and such. Check out if the watch is sealed properly or if the watch itself can keep time.

3. Check the lettering

One of the defects that you can see is the lettering itself. With strict standards, luxury watch brands also have the best watchmakers who write engravings and letterings on the watch with precise instruments. Luxury watch brands should have clear, crisp lettering. If the lettering of the watch being sold to you is hard to read, smudgy, or misaligned, then it is probably fake.

4. Think about the weight, material, movement, and sound

Inspect the nitty-gritty of the watch itself. Check if the watch’s material, color, or finishing looks pristine. Hold the watch and see if the weight feels off. Authentic luxury watches should feel a bit heavy because these brands use the best materials. Legitimate watches should not have cheap, ticking sounds, too. If you are suspicious about the watch based on these descriptions, maybe you need to drop it.

5. Look for the official serial number

Luxury watches usually have official serial numbers. These are a set of alphanumeric codes printed on the watch. This code will match the number on the case and the warranty. An authentic watch will also have these codes etched with a laser. If the watch being sold to you has a sloppy print, maybe it is fake.

6. Know your seller

This might be one of the deal-breakers for knowing if your watch is fake or not. If the one selling you luxury looks sketchy, there is a big chance that the watch is fake. Although usually, it is still not easy to tell if your watch dealer is trustworthy or not. Try doing your research, too, and see if they have a good reputation or great reviews. We know it is expensive to buy watches from reliable online stores and legitimate watch boutiques, but this is better than being ripped off. You might think that you are saving a lot with a good watch, but it is fake. Since it is fake, it is sold to you at a higher rate, because you think it is authentic.

7. Look for paper works and history

Asking for a certificate of authenticity is a good idea if you are going to buy a watch. Although there are still possibilities that a legitimate watch would not have the right paperwork. Usually. This is because the past owners separated the paper from the watch. If you are going to buy a watch, make sure that it has certificates, boxes, the right serial number, and more. Paperwork will give you a record of the watch’s history and can also certify its authenticity.

8. Mind the price

Another thing that will be a red flag for you is if the watch you are thinking of buying has a very cheap price. Luxury watches can be sold at a discounted price, too, but the price should not go that far from the original price.

Buy only from reliable stores

Here are some things you need to remember, so you would not accidentally buy a fake luxury watch. We understand some pieces can be highly pricey. However, you can still purchase legitimate timepieces for a relatively lower price by choosing the right online store such as


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